The book “Hanoi Doi Moi – Le Renouveau (Renewal)” was inspired by the meeting between Marc Detiffe and the painter and sculptor Nguyen Van Hung.


During five trips to the country, I photographed numerous aspects of the City of Hanoi to record a city that pulsates to the rhythm of its different generations and preoccupations.

A city as if caught between two fires, transformed by economic transition but always embedded in its political doctrine.

The texts of Nguyen Van Hung may seem light-hearted at first glance, but they lay bare the painful and intimate realities of the history of a people who have found peace.


“Fnac European Photography”, Winner, Belgium


Royal Theatre of Namur, exhibition curator: Jean Marc Bodson
FNAC Belgium (Paris, Brussels, Liege, Ghent, Bruges, Antwerp)
CIVA in Brussels, exhibition curator: Nathalie Filser
French Cultural Centre of Hanoi in 2005 (the exhibition was banned by the Vietnamese Ministry for Information and Culture).