La haine, je dis non (I say no to Hatred) is an invitation to consider the way we look at other people.


The year 2001 saw the collapse of the World Trade Center towers. And along with them went, perhaps, a certain conception of the world. The Human Rights League was worried about the surge in racist prejudice and simplistic thinking in response to the dreadful 11 September attacks.

A large-scale awareness-raising campaign « La Haine, je dis non » (I say no to Hatred) was organised with the support of the French Community’s Directorate for Culture.

Photography is so much more than a simple depiction of reality; it is an art form in its own right. The photographic portraits and writings of Luc Malghem produced on the basis of interviews were designed as an invitation to think about the way in which we perceive others.

The result of this work gave rise to a travelling exhibition, a catalogue and an educational activity pack aimed at schools and cultural centres in Belgium.